About Us

The Professionals Auto Body Works

The Professionals Auto Body Works began in 1995 as family owned business. Our owner, Richard Aleixo, watched his parents create a successful auto body business from the start. Richard’s father had been in the automotive industry since the young age of 18 and worked his way through numerous positions in the Bay Area. He retired after forty-eight years of dedication to the automotive industry.

Richard Aleixo became the shop owner of The Professionals Auto Body Works in 2015. Before becoming our shop owner, Richard filled the shoes of many positions. When he was entering his senior year of high school, he began helping out in his father’s auto body shop in Modesto, California. Richard started helping in the family owned auto body shop by cleaning the shop floors and helping with minor auto body repair work. Richard experienced a variety of auto body positions before becoming our owner in 2015. These positions included an estimator, office manager, shop manager, body repairman, detail worker, combination position of body repair and paint prep and automotive painter.

Richard believes the experience he received starting at age 18 has helped him understand all aspects of the business.

“I believe the true on the job training and learning I received was the best experience I could have to make sure I truly understood the automotive business from top to bottom.”